Custom Engraving

Custom Engraving

This is a custom job shop. Most all our work is done to your specifications.  Order typically use the standards that we have set.  Material is limited to 1/16”, 1/8” or 1/32” unless we custom order in another material specifically for your company.  The colors are limited to the available and in stock materials.  Size is only limited by no smaller than 0.25 inches.  And the largest is limited by our table sizes of 16” x 24”.  This is for engraved product.  In printing or cut vinyl you can get much larger items.  Attachment method is your choice of double stick tape, holes, bare back, Velcro or magnet.


Proto typing is a common request around here. This is a time consuming element of what we offer.  Therefore we charge by the hour and give quotes for this work.  You may think that we should work with you on developing product for mutual benefit.  But we have found over the years that we put out hours of time in this direction with no return.  Often we design and the product gets manufactured someplace else.  From those experiences our policy is to charge for our time up front.

We can offer spec sheets on materials that we stock, we have a sheet from Rowmark on General Acrylic Chemical Resistance we can send you. We can special order in non-stock material to meet your special requirements.


Proofs are often sent before fabrication to make sure you are receiving the product you expect. You can request proofs on any size order.  There is an element of designing in the smallest tag.  We treat each job as the finishing touch for a job well done.  The size, font style and spacing (kerning) are all relevant to the visual impact our product will make on your project.


Quotes are requested and fulfilled all day long here at E.R. Perry Signs & Engraving LLC. The engineer needs tags and identifies us as their best source, the purchasing agent need a quote and then we are sent a purchase order or given credit card information to put the job into production. Email is the best way to communicate with us.

Repeat Orders

We have all your art files from the past 20 years. We can match styles from previous orders or remake exactly what you ordered last time or ten years ago.

Color Match

 Color Match is more of a printing subject being that engraving plastic only comes in a very limited color range.  Custom colors can be fabricated in these plastics.  There is a sizable sheet fabrication requirement to be met in these situations.  In printing we work from PMS colors and there are no limitations.