Engineers, Electricians and Contractors

Engineers, Electricians and Contractors

In the manufacture of plastic tags, lamicoid labeling and signage we have become a resource and supply for professional men and women seeking a high quality product, reasonably priced and expeditiously prepared. Our customer base to date includes numerous engineering firms, electricians, HVAC, energy producers, building controls, cable and pipeline, plumbing and heating installers, solar installers, manufacturing, transport, warehousing, military applications and more. We are easily reachable by email, phone, or website and will ship to your office or site location at the speed of your choice. We are a custom fabricator whose intention is to create tags to suit your needs rather than limiting you into accepting our stock items.

A portion of our customer base is electrical installers. Typically small companies that need circuits, switches and panels labeled. Many of these are repeat customers who have used our products for years. We offer a consistent and reproducible product for legend plates and engraved identification tags. Cable installers usually order cable tags that have two quarter inch holes left and right which get connected with pull ties to wiring bundles. Other electrical and electronics installers prefer a one hole round hanging tag. Tags can have any size hole or slot so that whatever connecting method you are using will fit. We fabricate to your specifications for plate and hole size.

We also do large jobs where every tag is different. These jobs are presented in an Excel spreadsheet where tags are sorted by sections of your facility, by engineer or whatever method works for you. When receiving an order of thousands of tags, we want each package to make sense on your end as to where these tags belongs when you receive it.

We stock two main materials, and have a small assortment of specialty stock as well. The new SafeTmark material works well in sensitive applications and where fire safety is a consideration. This is an interior grade non-static building plastic that is fire retardant. This material replaces phenolic that was used in years past. Most of our product is Ultra-Matte by Rowmark which is an exterior grade long life modified acrylic. This is a very high performance material. See our materials page for spec sheets and colors available.

Ordering Protocol

Simple orders can best be transmitted by email or our cart. We do not take orders over the phone. (Though we are happy to talk to you and discuss your needs.) Larger or more complex orders and quote requests should be sent with detailed drawings and text in Excel spreadsheets or Word documents. We offer "Quick Quotes" via email for those not wanting to enter all their company information into the "Formal Quote" form. Often on larger orders or where we are trying to match existing tags, "proofs" are emailed for pre-approval to ensure our customer’s needs are being met. Samples are available upon request for large jobs.

When you have long lists of text where each tag is different, text files are preferred. Excel spreadsheets with one tag per row is our desired format. Use as many columns as you want lines on that tag. A three-line tag will use three columns. Please note that for us to work from a fax or some PDFs, we have to retype in the text, and will charge accordingly. Excel, Word documents and some PDFs give us workable text.

Typically we use engraver’s fonts designed with machine paths pre-set for engraving instead of perimeter vectors or bitmaps. However we can create custom machine paths for fonts that are traditionally used as printing fonts. The same process of machine paths creation can be used for designs and logos for more elaborate signage. This typically incurs additional cost due to layout and design time requirements. On engraving fonts we use decimal point measurements for letter height. We can achieve two decimal points of accuracy.

Small orders are generally shipped within 48 hours of receipt. Larger orders are completed and shipped commensurate with manufacturing time estimations agreed to in advance. Tags are packaged sequentially as ordered and in labeled units not only for inventory purposes but for ease of sorting during installations. We can also split orders and send to different locations if requested. We extend ourselves to the utmost to provide a top quality product, reasonably priced and delivered as expeditiously as is possible.

Customer’s Responsibility

We produce plastic tags, lamicoid labels, and signs based upon your orders and your assessment of your needs. Due to broad variability of circumstances, we can only make recommendations based upon your evaluations. We guarantee the manufacture of products as they have been ordered. If there is premature failure of product due to deficiencies in materials it will be replaced. (Hasn’t happened yet.) However we cannot ensure that everything we produce will endure in every occasion and under all conditions. That is specifically the responsibility of our customers who are familiar with their needs and the environments to which our products will be subjected. Do you need an insulator or a conductor for static dispersal? What chemical exposures exist in your facility? What temperatures will these tags be exposed to? . Additionally terminology is important. Do you really need a true phenolic or is that term only being used generically to imply a modern day acrylic lamicoid? Read the Glossary section to understand the jargon.

Our business depends upon customer’s satisfaction and repeat orders. We strive to do our utmost to satisfy our customer’s needs. Add us to your resource list and we will do our best to make the finishing touches on your endeavors have a long lasting professional look and feel. We have been in business 35 years and have many long term repeat customers.


For our public sector and corporate customers, we are a SAM listed woman owned (Not certified) limited liability corporation, and attuned and sensitive to our environmental stewardship obligations. We proudly support our military and our country