Engraving Fonts

The term “fonts” refers to letter styles. Fonts speak to the character of your presentation be it the control panel on machinery or hanging tags on a valve bank.  But beyond the look and shape different uses require different font types. Fonts used for different purposes are not the same. Large and bold for long distance reading. Condensed and tall on power poles with limited space. Crisp and clean for small instructional panels tags. Your logo and text on headers.  All these factors need to be considered when making font choices.

Printers work with pixels per square inch and lay down ink in dots to create the letters and images desired. Laser engraving follows the same principle by burning dots. Rotary engraving follows vectors with rotating cutters of various sizes. These vectors are called machine paths.  Any font can be engraved with rotary machines by creating tool path fills.

Vinyl lettering requires a font which just cuts out the perimeter of letters and images which are then applied to a substrate. Vinyl letters are size limited from 1/2 to 24 inches. Virtually any font can be cut in vinyl. If we do not have existing fonts to suit your needs you can provide us images in jpeg or btmap [1200 pix/inch] which we can adapt to readily vectorize for cut-out purposes.

Engraving which is more involved requires a font that provides machine paths either singularly or in multiple to achieve the proper carving of the letters. The attached list shows existing engraving fonts that are commonly used [ link: Engraving Fonts  PDF, 148 KB]. We can create machine paths to engrave other fonts and images. These jobs are priced individually based on the information you send us.

Though it is much more cost effective to use existing fonts, unique letters and scripts can be reproduced as images. But this requires efforts to not only design the images but also to create the necessary machine paths. There is a broad enough availability of existing fonts to satisfy most language needs as Russian, European, Arabic. Oriental, ancient, even hieroglyphics can be accommodated as images rather than letters. Please contact us directly if you do not find what you are looking for.