Grommets and Eyelets

In applications where plastic tag holes are subject to repeated fastener changes or harsh scouring by environmental factors as wind in hanging tag applications, for example, installation of grommets and eyelets can be a reasonably priced addition to extend longevity and durability of your ordered tags.

Grommets and EyeletsGrommets and eyelets are a metal cladding devices installed in materials through which fasteners are attached to hold the host material in place. Grommets are a two piece head and washer assembly, with the shank of the head being flared back over the washer. Grommets are usually used in thin materials as canvas that require large face flanges to avoid tear-out of the host material. Eyelets on the other hand are a one piece item without a secondary washer being used where the host material is stiff enough by itself to accommodate the flaring of the secondary flange without damage and the need of a washer to do so.

Engraved plastics can accommodate eyelet use rather than the more complex and bulky grommet design. The advantage is lower cost, simpler manufacture and a flatter profile to the engraving stock face. We offer a .20″ i.d. eyelet hole size as standard, which is generally the hole size requested in most hanging plastic tag applications. For large orders, other sizes, even grommets if they are preferred, can be quoted on a custom order basis.

Grommet and eyelet quality is a function of their production and quality of metals used. To avoid splitting, sharp edges and installation problems they must strike a balance of being a pure enough metal to be malleable yet strong enough to ensure durability. Inexpensive eyelets and grommets are usually brittle and do not perform well. We stock Siska’s best eyelets.

Eyelets and grommets are available in different varieties of finishes as brass, nickel, black chemical, cadmium, electro-tin, and custom painted colors or antique looks. Our standard eyelet solid brass, but we can accommodate custom finishes on large orders.