Standard Tags

The items on this page are the traditional rectangular tags and signs.  These cart items calculate the square inches you enter to make sure you don't enter too large a size for each cart item.  You can have tags any size you need.  If you need tags larger than the allowance in the item you have entered, back out and choose a larger item.  We have small, medium and large. For larger signs, please email us directly.

Small = up to 6 square inches
Medium = 6.1 to 15 square inches
Large = 15.1 to 24 square inches

The colors are in the drop down box.  Different materials have different colors available.
If you have tags that are all the same size, color and attachement, you can enter the text one tag per row in the text box.  You do not need to do separate order items for each text change.  If each tag has more than one line of text use a "|" to separate rows or we will do that for you.  For orders of more than 20 or so tags, just email us your text list in Excel or Word.

These would be two line tags.