Plastic Tag and Lettering Materials

We predominantly use Rowmark, Innovative Plastics, Scott-Ply and some Gravograph materials fpr engraving stock. They are noted not only for their consistently high quality but also diversity of materials availability sufficient to fulfill most customer’s needs. We strive to use only materials manufacturied in the United States. We maintain inventory of the colors shown in the cart items.  We can order in materials in other colors and materials to meet your special needs.

Ultra-Matte Front Engravable

This is our standard engraving laminate material used for most plastic engraving jobs. It is heavy duty with a smooth matte face. This material we have had outdoors for over 15 years with little sign of wear.  It is a long life modified acrylic. Here is the link to the specifications.  [ Link: UltraMatte-Front-Engrave-MSDS (PDF, 193 kb) ]  [ Link: UltraMatte-Front-Engrave-Properties (PDF, 129kb) ]  [ Link: Acrylic-Chemical-Resistance  (PDF, 700 kb) ] 

Ultra-Matte Reverse Engravable

This is the same plastic engraving material as above except that the face is matte clear and a thin layer of color is on the back. We engrave through the back in reverse and then paint fill the letters or logos. The process is more complicated and time consuming so therefore is more costly. We stock a limited number of colors in the material. The chemical resistance link in the above material applied to this material as well. [ Link: UltraMatte-Reverse-Engrave-MSDS (PDF, 210 kb) ] [ Link: UltraMatte-Reverse-Engrave-Properties (PDF, 111 kb) ]

ES-1 Phenolic 3-ply by NORPLEX

This is specialized material for applications that require non-conductivity and nonflammable labels. (We recommend you use SafeTmark which is the modern replacement for phenolic. See below) Use phenolic in areas where a static charge build up could present a fire or electrical hazard. (Regular engraving stock holds a static charge.) Gloss face one side, Matte face on the other. You can chose which finish you prefer. Phenolic is also available in 1/8″ for Wh/blk and Blk/wh. Custom colors for large orders as well as ES-2 thru ES-4 and SDN53 may be possible. We no longer offer this material due to the difficulty in working with it. Read more about phenolic material.  Phenolic is often asked for in outdoor, exterior applications for long term labeling.  But his material is not rated for outdoor use. [ Link: Norplex-phenolic2 (PDF, 331kb) ]


This is a recent addition to the Rowmark line of engravable plastics. This material replaces phenolic in most applications. Both materials are indoor rated and not designed for outdoor applications. It was specifically designed to meet or exceed the electrical conductivity characteristics which made bakelite, a phenolic plastic, a necessity for electrical applications. The advantage to this product is its ease of production, competitive pricing, and superior physical characteristcs such as flame spread when compared to bakelite. Color availability is limited to typical industrial needs. We stock this material in 1/16" and can order in 1/8" as needed. [Link: SafeTmark-Properties (PDF, 366 kb) ]

Engraving Brass

The brass we use for engraved plates is .020″ thick. It has a lacquered face that we engrave through and treat the letters chemically to turn them black. It has a brushed smooth surface. Special order brass material at .040″ thickness is available.  The lacquer is not a weather hardy finish.  These tags are for indoor applications. 

Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel that engraves well is limited. We have discontinued offering this metal at this time.


Vinyl replaces painted letters for vehicle lettering, door lettering or reception wall lettering and signage in general. We use 3M premium 220 vinyl which is a top line product and comes in a broad variety of colors. Vinyl is shipped to you ready to install. There are limited vinyl products in our cart at this time. Refer to our information pages for more details. This item, like all others can be ordered by contacting us directly via email or phone.

Contact us directly to meet any needs not found in our website.