Plastic Tag and Lettering Materials

We predominantly use Rowmark, Innovative Plastics, Scott-Ply and some Gravograph materials fpr engraving stock. They are noted not only for their consistently high quality but also diversity of materials availability sufficient to fulfill most customer’s needs. We strive to use only materials manufacturied in the United States. We maintain inventory of the colors shown in the cart items.  We can order in materials in other colors and materials to meet your special needs.

Ultra-Matte Front Engravable

This is our standard engraving laminate material used for most plastic engraving jobs. It is heavy duty with a smooth matte face. This material we have had outdoors for over 15 years with little sign of wear.  It is a long life modified acrylic. Here is the link to the specifications.  [ Link: UltraMatte-Front-Engrave-MSDS (PDF, 193 kb) ]  [ Link: UltraMatte-Front-Engrave-Properties (PDF, 129kb) ]  [ Link: Acrylic-Chemical-Resistance  (PDF, 700 kb) ] 

Ultra-Matte Reverse Printing

This is the same plastic engraving material as above except that the face is matte clear and a thin layer of color is on the back. We print through the back in reverse.


Phenolic (also known as Lamicoid) is an ideal durable material for engraved tags, labels, legent plates and nameplates. Material characteristics include:
· For use when non-conductive materials are required
· Excellent electrical insulator

· Abrasion, heat, and chemical resistant

· Stain resistant multi-layered acrylic for indoor applications

1/16" thick, 3-ply, scratch resistant, low glare satin finish phenolic meets requirements when
Mil Spec LP-387A Type N.D.P. LP 509 is required. Rigid thermoset material is electrically non-conductive.
Also known in the industry as Lamicoid. Naps can custom cut Phenolic to size that fits your needs and
engraves your text to complete the project!

Engraving Brass

Please order Engraved Brass at

Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel that engraves well is limited. We have discontinued offering this metal at this time.

Contact us at 1-800-451-3330 directly to meet any needs not found in our website.