Plastic Tag and Sign Specifications

To be able to complete an order for you properly all the following criteria need to be provided. On custom orders that you are submitting for bid or direct production purposes, Excel files are most prefered. Please include drawings with as much applicable detail as you can provide when wanting to be most specific. Orders or requests for quotes can be emailed, sent through our website, faxed, or mailed.

DIMENSIONS – Specify in inches or millimeters up to three decimal points of accuracy if desired.

MATERIALS – We use UltraMatte by Rowmark unless you have specific needs for a special application or know specifically what laminate you would like used, we will choose the best product based upon your design and application. Please specify intended use, as indoor versus out, including any unusual environmental factors [ link: Materials ].

COLOR – Specify face and letter color Two ply for one sided signs or Three ply for two sided signs or tags. On printed tags and signs we will need a complete layout drawing with all the various colors specified.  The colors in stock are shown in the various cart items.  We stock a broad range of colors inthe UltrMatte 1/16" material.

THICKNESS – Typically 1/16″ is standard, 1/32″ or 1/8″ are optional choices in limited material and colors.

TEXT FILES – Provide copy of text precisely as you would like to see it appear. If you want all upper case, then type all upper case. When ordering, a Word file or an Excel file of the copy is preferred for large jobs. In Excel, use one row per tag. This row should have size, color, attachment, and as many columns for text as there are lines of text. Place the first line of text in one column, second line in the next column, etc. You may have a row above that indicates letter height where needed. Do not include any extra spaces at either end or tabs in these cells. If there is only one line on some tags, leave the second column empty.
We prefer to produce logos and images directly from your prepared files. PDFs in vectors works well. Also we can import Corel, .eps, jpegs and bitmaps. Non-vector files will have to be computer manipulated into a vector file format in order to run our engravers. Computer time and layout fees are priced individually and accordingly.

FONTS – Choose letter styles from the standard fonts listed on this site. Other fonts are also possible or full layouts can be sent in vector files. Vector files means lines and curves.[ link: Fonts ].

EDGE TREATMENT – Our standard is a beveled edge.  We also offer a profiled edge that is slightly off from square.  We also offer a square edge.  Corners are always square unless specified to be rounded.  We round any radius.

ATTACHMENT METHOD – Choose double stick tape (ATUOtape is our default), holes [1/8" is standard unless you specify differently], bare back, Velcro, or magnetic.

CUSTOM SHAPES – For cut out shapes and hole locations, we need as detailed of a drawing as you can provide. Specify holes and curves by radius or diameter. Our engraver table size is 16″x 24″. We can load a somewhat larger piece but can only engrave within that area.

BENT PLASTIC – Our plastic bending equipment has a capacity of 16 inches. Bends of any angle are possible. Typically bent plastics are used for self-standing signs as well as various types of holders. If you have a novel idea or need for some sort of bent plastic, we will consider it a challenge to fulfill your requirements.

QUANTITY DISCOUNTS – We can offer you quantity discounts on engraved jobs with 50 or more pieces of the same size and color, same or simple text, provided in an importable file format. Lower per unit costs are also achievable by considering the option of printed plastic tags in various qualities, if the item being produced has all the same copy. For printed goods there is a minimum order of 125 pieces. Printed product offers you a number of price breakdowns for increasing quantities [ link: Printed Plastic Tags and Labels ].

CODE COMPLIANCE – We sell standard ADA pre-made signs but do not produce our own line of ADA compliant signs with Braille at this time. We can produce any and all code compliance signs, warning signs, hazard signs, specifically and exactly as needed to satisfy the most discriminating of inspectors.  Reflective face engraving material is available but the size of the letters can not be too small.

LANGUAGES – We typically engrave in English. Numerous foreign languages as European, Russian, Oriental and Arabic have been ordered and produced as well. Any and all languages can be engraved. If we do not have a font to meet your needs, we can import files you provide as lines and curves rather than letters and work from that. In non-English languages and letters we will be relying on your knowledge of the language to provide the proper letter shapes, spacing, and formatting which we will reproduce exactly as you have provided.