Plastic-Tag Orders and Policy

Orders of plastic tags and signs are completed and shipped in as timely manner as is possible which usually is dependant on existing in-house work load. We try to accommodate special rush orders to the best of our abilities but in so doing rush order fees may have to be assessed dependant upon staff over time costs.

Shipping is by UPS but we can utilize FED-EX or the US Postal Service upon request. If requested we can charge shipping costs to your UPS or FED-EX account. Payment for your orders is by Mastercard, Visa, American Express or by special arrangement completed prior to ordering. Submitted orders through the website are confirmed by emails as to their receipt. You can fax or email us directly rather than processing through our cart. Make sure to include all you company information when first contacting us since our filing system is organized by company name. If you do not receive a timely response from us, that is within a day or two, suspect your order or message may not have been received. Please contact us directly to confirm.

Invoices are included in the shipment of your completed order and are accompanied with a full set of ordering documents. Documents can be mailed or emailed separately or to a different location upon your request. Orders can be ‘drop shipped’ to alternate addresses per your request as well. Because of the proprietary or security sensitive information we sometimes receive, all hard copies of in-house information generated and related to your order are shredded and incinerated. Electronic data is protected both at our facility and at our servers. Customer lists and information are not distributed, sold, or shared and are specifically excluded from search engine indexing. They are for our exclusive use in fulfilling your orders only.

Spell Checking of text is not possible since we fill orders intended for many different regions, dialects and even languages. Sometimes for personal reasons we are even tasked to create signs that are intentionally misspelled. We can only produce and guarantee the accurate reproduction of what our customers have ordered. If there is a discrepancy between what we produced and what was ordered or there is a defect in manufacture we will replace the item at no charge to you. Misspellings in orders submitted are the responsibility of the customer. The finished product a customer receives is very dependant upon the diligence and accuracy of the orders they create and the format in which they forward them to us. It is highly desirable and cost effective to have our customers produce and provide importable data sets and images which we can manipulate to drive our engravers directly [ link: Plastic Tags Specifications ]. The less time we have to spend on data transfer and image enhancement, the lower the costs are to you.

Order Sorting and packaging is typically done by batches dependant upon the natural groupings within your order. If you would like your order sorted and packaged in some specific way that better accommodates your particular needs, please so indicate. If you are using Excel you can create separate pages (tabs) or leave an empty line with some sort of notation. We can also split orders into separate shipments to different locations. If sorting and packaging becomes extensive, as a large undifferentiated order that you have submitted and would like sorted and sent to a number of different sites, expect that a reasonable sorting fee may be assessed dependant upon extra time expenditures required.